Lynx Is Now Live On Our Website

Lynx Now Live On Website

We’re excited to announce that the Lynx Camera Motion Control is now LIVE for purchase through our website! Thank you to everyone who has supported us since the Lynx Kickstarter stage. It’s so exciting to turn the corner and offer our newest product for online sales.

We built Lynx to the highest standards and used years of R&D to make sure this cutting edge motor control technology enables precise, quick and quiet slides, pans and tilts. Our mobile app has been a great compliment to the product as well, and we invite you to check it out and explore the different features it provides.

Once again, to all the Cinetics Kickstarter backers, we can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve shown us throughout the Lynx campaign. We’ve been so inspired by the feedback and content that has come from this community, which makes us all the more motivated to get this technology in the hands of filmmakers, photographers and content creators all over the world. Our hope is that the Lynx can help put your cinematic ideas in motion!

If you have any questions or feedback about the product, feel free to connect with us anytime or reach out on social media via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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