Top 5 Countries To Time-lapse In

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Welcome back to the Cinetics blog! 🤙

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite time-lapse locations to help inspire you to put your cinematic ideas in motion! We’re pretty fortunate to have had our gear tested in some pretty incredible locations, so enjoy some of these spots below, and let us know if you have any questions if you plan on travelling to any of these areas soon.

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Norway: From the deep fjords in the Southwest, to the moon landscape in the North, the possibilities for time-lapse cinematography are endless in Norway. Some amazing videos have been coming out of Norway lately, where it’s evident that nature takes the lead. Some of the top time-lapse locations in Norway include Varangerhalvøya in the far north near the Russian border, Fermsmarka to capture untouched wilderness, Senja for breathtaking scenery or Lofoten to capture the north lights. In short, Norway has so many hidden gems!

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Iceland: This country is getting a lot of attention these days and we’re not surprised. It is considered as a country of fascinating contrasts, or the “The Land of Fire and Ice”, and home to the biggest ice sheets in Europe and likely the most active volcanoes on the planet. Iceland hosts a scenery that remains untouched by human progress making it a captivating location to capture time-lapse cinematography. It’s so rare to find a place that has a landscape that is so welcoming and inhospitable at the same time.

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New Zealand: commonly referred to as the most beautiful country on the planet. It offers endless opportunities for time-lapse cinematography in locations such as Milford Sound, Mount Cook National Park and Arthur’s Pass. This location is ripe with caves, waterfalls and lush greenery that will support your visuals with gorgeous textures, light and compositions. If you’re looking for a journey or an adventure of a lifetime, we definitely suggest checking out New Zealand!

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Japan: There’s always something happening or moving in Japan. It’s truly a busy, beautiful and captivating place to explore and capture time-lapse cinematography. From the lights in Tokyo to the busy public places in the cities, you can capture some incredibly unique shots that tell numerous narratives. Some of our favorite locations include Shibuya Crossing, Yokohama Bay Bridge, Osaka Tower and Heian Shrine. Never a dull moment in Japan!

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Switzerland: Travelling to Switzerland will put you at the forefront of the most dramatic landscapes. It boasts numerous natural spectacles that are both magnificent and impressive. Switzerland also offers some of the highest mountains, craziest roads, and breathtaking lakes, making it one of our favorite locations in the world for exploring and creating. If you’re looking for nice architecture your also in luck, with towns such as Bern, Basel, Zürich and numerous tiny villages with traditional housings. The whole country is full of nature and opportunity for time-lapse cinematography!

Hope you all enjoyed our round up, and let us know if you have any recommendations to add to the list. There’s so much to see in the world! 🌎