Lynx Update & Review Round-Up

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We’re back! ūüė䬆This time with an update on how the Lynx is coming along post Kickstarter campaign, and¬†a round-up of all the different product announcements, reviews, and ‘first looks’ that the Lynx has been featured on¬†so far.

So let’s talk production first. We’ve been working hard¬†on fulfilling all of the Kickstarter pre-orders, and I’m happy to say we’re still on schedule and set to begin shipping out the early-bird¬†kits this month, with the rest following in August. It’s been a busy few weeks getting everything ready to ship, but the whole Cinetics team is just so excited to¬†move this project forward and start¬†seeing what¬†you, the creative community, can do with this new tool!

Now, none of this would have been possible without the help of all of you (of course!! ūüôŹ), but also the countless blogs and publications that helped us spread the word about this project, so for that we are eternally grateful! Below is a round-up of all those websites, so if you’re curious to see what the industry is saying about Lynx, you can visit those websites below!

DP Review

Thanks for the great review and write up DPReview! Check out the full detailed blog post, including behind the scenes photos and example footage shot on Lynx.

> View their blog post <

Imaging Resource

Thanks for helping announce the launch of Lynx on Kickstarter Imaging Resource, appreciate that!

> Check out their announcement <

Appreciate your help announcing the launch of Lynx on Kickstarter Outdoor Photographer!

> Check out their announcement <

Resource Magazine

Thanks for announcing the Lynx on Kickstarter, Resource!

> Check out their announcement <

 Thanks for the review and announcement, Digital Trends!

> Check out their announcement <

No Film School and Cinetics

Big thanks to our friends over at No Film School, for their great review and announcement!

> Check out their announcement <

DV Info and Cinetics

Thanks for helping announce the Lynx, DV Info Net! Appreciate the support!

> Check out their announcement <

Doddle News

 Thanks for helping announce Lynx on Kickstarter, Doddle News!

> Check out their announcement <

Reddit & Cinetics Lynx

 Check out what the Reddit community had to say about Lynx.

> Check out Lynx on Reddit <


 Huge thanks to Fstoppers for the great review and write up!

> Check out their review <


 Another big thanks to Videomaker for the very positive review and write up!

> Check out their review <

Shutterbug and Cinetics Lynx

We linked up with Shutterbug and collaborator, Justin Jung, to test the Lynx and demonstrate how to shoot great time lapse!

> Check out this collaboration <

sony mirroless pro

Thanks for helping us announce Lynx on Kickstarter, Sony Mirrorless Pro!

> Check out their announcement <

iris photography academy

Thanks for helping us spread the word about Lynx, Iris Photography Academy!

> Check out their announcement <

le monde de la photo

Big love to our friends over at Le Monde De La Photo for helping announce the Lynx!

> Check out their announcement <

That’s everyone… for now! We still have a few Lynx kits out there in the hands of more reviewers, so as those collaborations get wrapped up we’ll continue to update this blog post.

Last note before we wrap up this post, we’ve got another blog post coming very soon talking about our ambassador program and where things are at there. So until then, come¬†find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to say hi and keep a pulse on what we’re working on. We’ll be sure to keep y’all updated on the Lynx as¬†we move forward too. Thanks for reading!