Lynx vs. Axis360 – These Are The Differences You Should Know

Cinetics Lynx

With our latest Kickstarter project launched, we’ve been getting some questions on what the main differences are between Lynx, and it’s predecessor, the Axis360.

So we’ve put together a quick breakdown below to highlight what really differentiates these 2 pieces of gear, and what some of the thought process was behind why we created the Lynx rather than expanding upon the original Axis360.

Lynx vs. Axis360


So those are some of the technical differences between the two products, and below explains more about the thought process behind why we started from the ground up when designing the Lynx.

We’ve taken in tons of feedback from each product we’ve built over the years, and so far we’ve always tried to make each next piece of gear a modular expansion of the previous one.

CineSkates > CineMoco > Axis360

After awhile we started to find this approach somewhat hindering, because you’ve got to focus on making sure that each new piece of gear works together with the last, which can often times limit the final product.

Axis360 was well received and we got so much feedback on how to improve it, so we’ve worked hard to advance every component over the nearly three years that we’ve sold it. During that time we made some significant improvements that we sent out as software updates, but ultimately we realized the limitations of Axis360 (and other motion control kits) and started dreaming up the perfect slider.

That’s what we were aiming for with Lynx. A motor control system that is quick and easy to use, built to last, and does its job perfectly.

I think we achieved that but neglected to offer upgrade options for our previous customers, so now we’re working to make an adapter kit so that the Lynx controller can be used with Axis360 hardware (read more about this on our Kickstarter updates page). We hope that our previous customers will appreciate that capability. 😊

If you have any more questions on this, feel free to direct message us on Facebook or send us an email to info @ and we’d be happy to chat about this some more.

Thanks for reading!

Justin Jensen, Founder & CEO of Cinetics