Our Latest Camera Motion Control Gear Has Arrived!


Well, the wait is finally over! Our latest gear has arrived! 📷

Introducing: Lynx, an ultra smooth camera slider and multi axis motor control system. It’s a master of time-lapse, precision video moves, and can also be used for animation, visual effects, panoramic photography and so much more!

Cinetics Lynx

This is our 4th Kickstarter project over the past 6 years! We continually strive to raise the bar each time we release a new product, and the Lynx is no exception. We’ve spent nearly three years in development, gone through countless prototypes and tests, and taken in a ton of feedback from our customers to ensure this motion control setup will exceed your expectations.

To find out more about Lynx, and to support this project, visit our Kickstarter page here. Thank you all so much for your support! 😊

Cinetics Timelapse