Axis360 in Austin


Andy Gonzalez-Bendiksen from took our Axis360 motion control kit for a spin to capture the eclectic art scene, food trucks, and world famous 6th Street that keeps Austin weird. We’ll let Andy explain…

“Our day of shooting Cinetics’ Axis360 product commercial eerily mimicked the day of our fictional traveler in the story. Not just in the obvious ways, such as waking up before the crack of dawn to catch the sunrise as we walked up Congress bridge, but more with the using of Cinetics’ excellent product itself.

Our main point was to show that this motorize camera slider is easy to use and that it is portable. Luckily for us, no “movie magic” was necessary to show this. Sure, we were a film crew moving around Austin in actual vehicles instead of walking… But the time-lapse set-ups, take-downs, and carrying of equipment was very much how our travel-blog expert shows. I was quickly impressed with how easy and effortless it was to move the film equipment around between sets. And the slider set-ups were always minimal; By the time our lighting and blocking would be set, so too was the Axis360, ready for the shot. Ultimately, not only was the camera slider t easy to use, but the shots we ended up with were even prettier than I had imagined while writing the script. Seeing those finished time-lapses in the video made our endlessly busy day worth it.”

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