Timelapse Calculator

One of the difficulties for doing a timelapse is figuring out how much time it will take to shoot, how long the finished product is going to be, how much memory it would take… etc.  This is something that used to be quite tricky! Fortunately, we have created a timelapse calculator to do all of this work for us.


I’ll just go one line at a time:

Recording Time: How much time it will take to actually record the shot. This will be longer than the playback (usually significantly longer).

Playback FPS: How many frames per second (FPS) you are planning the finished product to be. The more FPS you have, the smoother the video will be. The industry standard for video playback is between 24­-30, so if you’re not sure stick with 24fps.

Playback Time: How long you want your finished product or video to be (how long the playback will be). Pretty self­ explanatory

Image Size: How big your images are. Simply fire a test shot and record the pictures size. Below is a spot for memory required, which takes the product of the image size and how many frames there are.

Total Frames: How many images, or frames, you will be shooting based on your record time, fps and playback time

Recording SPF: How many seconds per frame during the shooting process. In other words, 30 SPF would be (1) shot every 30 seconds.

Memory Required: as stated earlier, this multiplies how big each image is by how the total frames. This is to make sure you don’t run out of space during your shot.

I hope this clears up the math behind timelapse photography. Leave a comment in our forum if you have any questions about this, or perhaps suggestions on how to make the timelapse calculator more useful!