Fishers Off the Freeway

FISHERS OFF THE FREEWAY from SamuelScottProductions on Vimeo.

Here is their story on how they shot the video and their experience using Cinetics products:

The actual story behind it was, I was driving home from another shoot and saw these two guys running on the side of the freeway with fishing poles in their hands. I had my gear with me, and trying to be stealthy, followed them to their secret fishing hole. They weren’t too thrilled to see me filming, but because it was so short, they didn’t say anything. The CineMoco has helped in a ton of ways. A good example of this is the opening shot for “Fishers Off the Freeway.” The slider was actually half on a rock out on the water and the other half on the shore, which made for a cool opening shot. We use the CineMoco on every shoot and absolutely love it.

Our equipment list:

  • Canon 6D
  • Canon 24-105 L-series
  • Canon 70-200 L-series
  • One Manfrotto tripod with Manfrotto 502 video head
  • Tascam DR-40
  • And last but not least the CineMoco


We have found the CineMoco to be very easy to use right out of the gate. The simple to use interface was a breeze learning even in the advance mode.  One trick that we use to make CineMoco a little easier in the setup process, is always having the slider set up and having the skate plate on wheels in the bag ready to run and gun. One thing that we always say, is you never have a second chance to get a first shot, and the CineMoco has help us with that.

We absolutely love the products and love the interaction with you guys. Keep making great products we appreciate it.

– Samuel Scott Productions

A huge thanks to Samuel Scott Productions for sharing this awesome story with us 🙂

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