CineVise, Our Only Vise


Introducing our newest product, CineVise™, a set of 3 vise grips for your GorillaPod Focus tripod and Ballhead X. CineVise turns your DSLR or digital camcorder into a pro-style rig, allowing you to clamp down securely where a normal tripod just won’t do the trick.

Cinetics CineVise Camera Mount from Cinetics on Vimeo.


If you’re going to hang your camera off the side of a bridge, or attach the Vise™ to the top of a wind sail, rollbars, fences, tables, railings, or other similar object, you can be sure it will grip with the CineVise. CineVise can hold most anything up to 11 lbs., so you can look forward to secure attachments while making your moving pictures. Order today in our store! Check out some shots of the CineVise in action!

CineVise’s soft side, hugging a tree!


Just hanging out in Austin, Tx!