User Tips and Shipping Update


Hi CineMoco backers, Thanks again for backing the CineMoco project! We’ve been hard at work pulling together the final CineMoco parts.

Here is a Shipping Update…

• SkatePlate: Shipped! We sent an email with checkout instructions. If you have completed the checkout process, we have shipped your SkatePlate!

• 1st 75 CineMoco Slider: Expected to ship by the end of next week! Our final parts are scheduled to get here on Friday. We’ll be working to build, test and ship you your CineMoco right after we get the parts.

• CineMoco Slider, CineMoco Dolly & CineMoco Upgrade: Some will ship before January, and all will ship by the end of January. We will be building these as quickly as possible after we finish the first batch.

And a few tips for using SkatePlate and CineMoco…

Generally with camera dolly shots, a wide lens goes a long way. Longer lenses can be more difficult to dolly. We like to go really wide. with a 15mm or 16mm lens on a full frame camera.

Timelapses can be more fluid with long exposures. We like to set the camera exposure to be longer than the time between photos.

Take care to line up the wheels to enable a smooth roll. This is especially important on the SkateTrack.

Learn the system and the software! SkatePlate is built for quick setup, and the CineMoco software has several modes of functionality.

Soon enough you’ll have videos to share in our Vimeo User Group and enter in the new Cinetics Shootout Video Contest! We are excited to see what you create with CineMoco.

As always, let us know if you have any question!