CineMoco is a GO!


Thanks to your incredible support we flew past our funding goal and CineMoco production is now underway! Thanks for backing the project, and thanks for sharing We cannot wait to see what you create with SkatePlate and CineMoco! What are you going to film first?

Feedback We have received amazing feedback from you all! Thanks! We already implemented some of your recommended features. For example, we added key frames to the CineMoco software. Key frames enable you to start at one point, drive to another, and then move between the points at a wide range of speeds. And, we are working on new components to add features like pan and tilt control and vertical sliding. We are excited to build the CineMoco System how you want it! Please tell us your suggestions for CineMoco on Facebook and Twitter!

Shipping We are making final adjustments and will begin building the first CineMocos soon. Our goal is to send the First 100 CineMoco Sliders out by the end of October. Early November is now looking like a more realistic estimate though. The next wave of CineMocos will ship out by December. SkatePlate will begin shipping at the end of October. We will keep everyone updated on the schedule!

Let us know your questions and comments. Thanks for your support!