CineSkates Progress

Hi CineSkates Backers!

We are dedicated to getting your CineSkates to you quickly! We are now a seven person team, and we are moving faster than ever before. Your responsiveness and patience have enabled us to ship CineSkates at an awesome pace.

We have sent out about 1200 sets of CineSkates. If you have not received yours, please know that we will get them to you as fast as possible. If we need any information from you to get your order out, we will send you an email. We are shipping out in large batches, so it is difficult to give arrival estimates for individual shipments. Surprise packages are more fun right? 😉 We plan to have everything shipped out by November 18th.

It is a huge job to get all of the CineSkates built, but we have the best team in the world to do it. Our suppliers are also putting in the extra effort to get parts to us as quickly as possible. And, most importantly, you all have been amazing by responding quickly to our inquiries. Thank you!

CineSkates Showdown
It was requested that we extend the CineSkates Showdown video contest, so we did. Now voting will begin on December 15th, and winners will be chosen on January 31st. We will continue to accept new entries throughout the entire contest. Here is the contest website: Also, submit your videos to the CineSkates Vimeo group:

The feedback we have received so far has been awesome! Positive or negative, your feedback is helpful to us. Please keep it coming! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • “The attention to detail is amazing, like the little markers on the wheels in case I want to do a time lapse shot.” – Ken
  • “Out of all the projects I’ve backed so far, I have to say CineSkates has to be at the top of the list.” – Sainte
  • “The reality is that CineSkates can perform a dolly move as well as a $2000 tabletop unit.” – Bohuš

Thanks for you patience, and we’ll keep working to get your CineSkates to you quickly!

Team Cinetics
Allison, Augie, Brittany, Chris, Joe, Justin & Karl

P.S. The maximum load of CineSkates Systems in a US Postal Service truck is 247 😉

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