Moving quickly!

Hi Everybody!

Your support has been incredible, and our team is putting in everything we have to get your orders out the door! We have shipped out about 800 sets of CineSkates so far, and we are working to speed up our production as fast as we can. You can expect your CineSkates within the next few weeks, and we can not tell you exactly when to expect them.

We are shipping through USPS Priority Mail, both for US and international packages. We do have tracking numbers, but we can not email them to you. We decided to focus on shipping out CineSkates instead of emailing tracking numbers to each backer. We wish we could automate this process, but we simply don’t have time to figure it out right now. We will look into this after we catch our breath.
We have some cool things going on our website, like online pre-sales, the CineSkates Showdown Video Contest, and the CineSkates Users Vimeo Group. Check them out!

What’s next?
We are working out the details with our retail launch partners, and we are hard at work on new Cinetics Connect products that will be compatible with CineSkates. We can not wait to announce what is next! If you are interested in distributing Cinetics product, please fill out this form, and we will be in touch when things settle.

Thank you for your patience!
Team Cinetics

P.S. We are keeping our mail carrier busy 🙂

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